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  • Utility Vegetation Management
  • Forest Management
  • Roads & Drainage
  • GIS & GPS

Services We Provide

The utility industry has successfully employed our services in the field of vegetation management for over 31 years. The end result for our clients is improved system reliability, reduced tree related outages, favorable customer interaction and optimum return on investment.

We have been able to provide our clients with a “turn key operation” approach to utility vegetation management. The development, prioritization, implementation, and supervision of hazard tree removal projects have been our primary responsibility for our utility company clients.

During these projects we identify hazardous vegetation, contact landowners, develop agreements, contract with expert tree service companies, supervise removal of hazard trees and help market merchantable materials. Our goal is to provide customer satisfaction at every level.

Utility Management Summary

Other Utility Management Services

  • Hazard Tree Evaluation
  • Right-of-Way Clearing
  • NERC Compliance
  • Integrated Vegetation Management
  • Geographic Information Systems
More Services We Provide

Identify Hazardous Vegetation

Our crew is trained to identify trees and shrubs which have the potential to obstruct safe transmission line corridors.
Controlling Shrub Growth with the Hitachi

Clear Brush in Corridors

Access to towers and potential line hazards are avoided by employing the Brontosaurus carriage to clean up undergrowth.

The Brontosaurus drum allows the operator to work in rocky ground and close proximity to features which need protection (fences, gates, watercourses).
Controlling Shrub Growth with the Hitachi

Crush Trees and Shrubs to Mulch

The Brontosaurus mower reduces brush to a fine mulch. Brush near poles and guywires are cut by a chainsaw crew.

A slashbuster mowing machine is preferred on projects with larger woody material. The rotating disc can reduce large material, even whole trees to a coarse mulch.

Trim Tall Trees

The Slashbuster can mow tall brush with ease and remove the occasional larger tree.

Merchantable Material

Many timberland owners want to utilize the merchantable material generated by the clearing projects.

Here, a skidder is used to skid merchantable conifers and hardwoods to a nearby landing. This material can be sold to local sawmills or milled on site. This helps reduce fuel loading along the right of way, and may help to offset some costs of the project.
Controlling Shrub Growth with Herbicides

Herbicide Applications

Herbicide applications are conducted where permitted to control resprouting vegetation, and prevent regeneration of unwanted conifers. This work is done by state licensed applicators using recommendations from a pest control adviser.
trimming trees

Experienced Contractors

We utilize experienced contractors with line clearance certification to ensure safety when working near power lines. Most of the contractors we work with have been doing hazard tree work for over ten years. Available equipment includes:
• Water tender; ATV, fire trailer, equipment tilt trailer, chip truck, boom truck, pickups.
• Log truck, self-loading log truck, lowbed trailer, rubber-tired and track skidders with grapples, heel-boom loaders, front-end loaders, rock dump truck, road grader, and excavator.
• Chippers from 10” to 36”, FMC crawler with mounted 15” chipper.
• Mowing machines include ASV rubber tracked skid steer with flail mowing head, Cat 315 & Hitachi 120 tracked with Brontosaurus mowing head, Hydro Ax, and Timbco for working steep slopes.

Timber Harvest Plans

We provide complete forest management services including inventory, appraisal, timber harvest plans and logging administration.

Other Forest Management Services

  • Exemptions & Emergencies
  • Non-Industrial Timber Management Plans
  • Forest Management Plans: CFIP & EQIP
  • Fuel Break & Fuel Reduction Projects
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Resource Inventory and Valuation
  • Forest Growth and Yield Modeling
  • Carbon Sequestration Projects
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Transportation and Access

We provide road and drainage assessments including inventory of existing transporation systems, evaluation of road surfaces, crossings, drainage, and erosion potential.

Other Road Services

  • Road Recovery
  • Access Road Inventory
  • Watercourse Crossing Assessment
  • Road Maintenance Plan
  • Mapping of Road Features using GPS & GIS
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GPS Services

We provide GPS services to accurately map any resource feature including roads, trails, property corners, threatened or endangered species, archaeological sites, or watercourses.
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Accurate, Verified Locations

We use the iPad Mini with built-in GPS/GNSS location services and camera to record data using GIS Pro and Touch GIS as well as Esri's Survey123 and Collector.

GIS Support

We provide GIS and mapping support to update the client’s spatial datasets and create accessible data.

GIS Mapping Services

We can provide high quality, detailed mapping products on multiple media types including large print format.

Ecologically Sensitive Spaces

All our projects are planned and executed informed by the CNDDB layer of sensitive and endangered species. Great care is taken to account for all biological and archeological concerns.